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Fall Bridal Shower

Fall Bridal Shower

If you are having or hosting a fall bridal shower, here are some simple ideas you just might fall in love with!

-Pick a natural setting and let nature do a lot of your decorating. Host the event in family or a friend’s backyard. The outdoor colors of greens and browns will set the mood of your shower.

-Skip the formal flower arrangements; pick up some planter boxes, potting soil, and rich colored flowers from you local garden center. If you are having round tables then look for round planters, otherwise the rectangular planter boxes work wonderfully for oblong tables. Oh- and if you cannot find planter boxes in the right color, a little spray paint will do the trick.

-Don’t forget the candles! Have candle lighting throughout your shower. Think bathrooms, table tops, even floating in a pool if there is one.

-Serve a deep red or auburn cocktail. Try Bridal Sweet Martini!

Bridal Sweet Martini (serving for 4)

6 oz vodka

2 oz strawberry juice

1 oz cranberry juice

Juice of 1/2 a lime

Combine all in mixer w/ice. Shake and strain into martini glasses.

Spice It Up!

If your spice cabinet looks anything like mine, it is a black hole of little jars with little organization. Despite my organizing efforts, my spice cabinet never seems to stay tidy– and of course the chaos eventually got the best of me. Because rather than using what I had already, I was in the habit of purchasing whatever spice I needed for a particular recipe. The outcome, unneeded purchases at the grocery store and more clutter to the spice cabinet.

So, as I realized there was no need to have 4 jars of “ground cumin” on hand, I began to get organized. My tip for today is to spice up your spice cabinet!

What I did: I set aside a few minutes and took inventory of everything actually in the spice cabinet. Write down each spice (making sure to note the amount of each you have on hand). Then, simply type up your list and tape to the inside of the spice cabinet door.

Next time you are making out your shopping list you will simply have to open up the cabinet and check to see if you already have “dried mustard,” preventing any unnecessary strolls down the spice aisle.

Also try purchasing spice racks and shelves to keep everything visible! These are from The Container Store and are under $10.00

What are your spice-organizing-ideas?

Baby Shower: Blue & Brown

blue and brown baby shower ideas

Blue and Brown Baby Shower Ideas

Who says baby boy showers can’t be gorgeous too?! Here are a couple photos from my best friend’s shower this past summer. Here are some ideas:

– Think anything blue & brown (you could also try green & brown).

-Purchase many onesies and baby outfits all in blue and/or brown, making sure to mix up the sizes so Mom doesn’t get all newborn outfits he’ll outgrow before he can wear them! String them using clothesline and clothespins (paint them if your the crafty type) and hang them from patio covers, doorways, pop-up shades, anywhere you think the decor will look good. At the end of the shower, remove all the clothes and put in a basket for mom- decor and a gift all in one!

-Make sure your dessert is all blue & brown; cupcakes, cakes, cookies- whatever it may be.

-Serve a blue themed drink (alcohol and non versions).

-If outdoors, hang blue/brown/white paper lanterns from the trees.

-You can also pair blue with yellow for a modern color scheme.

You get the idea, use blue and brown touches throughout the shower (don’t forget the invites and thank yous) and your shower will be simple and gorgeous!

Halloween Spirits

Sure Halloween is about kiddos in cute costumes and loads of sugary sweets….. but adults can have fun too! This Halloween serve a spooky themed wine and let your guests get a kick out of the fun and ghostly labels. If you are going to be a guest this Halloween, a bottle of Halloween-themed wine would make for a fabulous hostess gift to bring along.

Buy online at Vampire Vineyards or at your local Cost Plus World Market (along with a variety of other Halloween wines).

Vampire Merlot

*Instead of your typical wine glass charms, try placing one of those toy spider rings your kids get around each glass stem. So fun!

*Serve simple appetizers and use these “toxic” food picks to label them. Find online at Martha Stewart Crafts.

Green Cleaning Made SIMPLE!

Household Cleaners

Who knew your Granny was a “green” cleaner all along? If we take a step back in time, I bet we don’t remember our grandparents storing 8 bottles of random household cleaners under their kitchen sinks, now do we? In fact, past generations knew a thing or two about using green and affordable cleaners around the house (and they actually did get the job done).

Make cleaning in an environmentally safe way simple by breaking out the old household supplies. My favorite cleaner, baking soda!

Next time you need to get one of these jobs done, put down the green can and pick up the baking soda:

Scrub out your sink– just sprinkle, scrub, rejoice!

Greasy dinner dishes? Sprinkle a bit of baking soda on the bottom of your dishwasher and the greasy grime will be cut in the first wash cycle, before your detergent even starts it’s thing. For cast iron pans that don’t go in the dishwasher, sprinkle with baking soda and give them a quick scrub.

Smelly sponge?? Sprinkle a tsp of baking soda after a heavy use and simply rinse it out.

White sneakers not so white anymore? Simply make a paste of baking soda and water and scrub, now that’s simple!

What are your secret uses for Baking Soda? How are you trying to live a bit greener?