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Personal Gifts for Her + Mother’s Day Gift Tags

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Have you thought about gift ideas yet? When coming up with gift ideas, I like to keep them as personal as possible. And the truth is, sometimes that means the gifts take more of a practical vibe. I’m sharing three practical and personal gift ideas plus sharing Mother’s Day gift tags that you can print out to give them that thoughtful touch.

Check out these unique, personal Mother's Day gift ideas plus grab these Mother's Day Gift Tags for free. Dress up practical gifts with thoughtful tags.

Here’s a looks at some personal items to gift her this Mother’s Day. I’d be happy to receive each of these. I loved trying them out recently and think they make great personal gifts.

Check out these unique, personal Mother's Day gift ideas plus grab these Mother's Day Gift Tags for free. Dress up practical gifts with thoughtful tags.

She’s one of kind, literally.
This gift idea is really all about her and her mom genes. Ha! See what I did there? Help her find out where her DNA comes from with this DNA test. Would she geek out over learning her ancestry timeline that is traced through the generations? This kit looks at 31 populations worldwide, and we will continue to refine results as their database grows. This gift really is SO HER. (more…)

4 Totally Doable Healthy Lifestyle Swaps

I’ve teamed up with Megan Media and Tropicana for this post as part of their #BelieveInYourGut campaign. Of course, all opinions are my own.

For the past year I’ve really been focused on trying to eat a healthier diet as a part of living a more healthy lifestyle. As a busy, working mom, I often put my nutrition on the back burner (can you relate?). I mean, one can only survive off of coffee for so long. I realized it was time to make some swaps in my daily diet that would really fuel my body.

Here are four simple things I've swapped in an effort to lead a more healthy lifestyle. Just a few minor changes and you will start to feel great.

I decided making small daily swaps was much less intimidating than a complete overhaul. (Let’s be honest, I’m not giving up coffee or wine on the weekends.) And I wanted to share a few things I’ve added to my routine that have me feeling refreshed, focused, and energized. Also, I’ve found if I make things a little more fun, I’m more likely to stay motivated. This shouldn’t surprise you though. :)

Here are four simple things I've swapped in an effort to lead a more healthy lifestyle. Just a few minor changes and you will start to feel great.

Adding daily probiotics to my diet. I recently learned just how much my gut affects my overall health and wellness, so I’m looking for ways to get good bacteria into my system more often. Tropicana Probiotics makes getting more probiotics into your diet delicious, accessible, nutritious and convenient–which means “doable” in my book. It’s 100% juice with no added sugar or artificial flavors and delivers over one billion live and active cultures to your gut. It can’t get much easier than swapping out your morning juice for one of these delicious flavors:  Strawberry Banana, Pineapple Mango, and Peach Passion Fruit They were each so good that I couldn’t even choose a favorite.

Fresh fruit garnishes, on everything. Your morning glass of juice or water might not be a cocktail, but adding a fun, fresh, fruit garnish will certainly up the fun level! I’ve found myself grabbing fruit more often as a snack later in the day when I add it into my morning beverages. I like to make up a few mini skewers to grab as snacks (my girls love them too!). (more…)

DIY Ice Cream Cone Wrappers

Fall, schmall. It might be mid September but here in So Cal it’s 97 degrees. And honestly, even if it was cooler, I believe ice cream is a year-round treat. Are you with me?

DIY Ice Cream Cone Wrappers

I’m always looking for simple ways to add a fun touch to things and that’s how I came up with these easy ice cream cone wrappers. In under 5 minutes you can transform an ordinary ice cream cone into a unique one! All you need to do is print them, cut them out, and wrap them around the cone. Simple :) They would also be fun if you’re hosting an ice cream party! (more…)

DIY Cactus Ring Toss Game

Looking for a fun family game? This DIY cactus ring toss game was a huge hit with my family!
DIY Cactus Ring Toss Game

We like to play games together often (and we’re also a pretty competitive group so it gets interesting), indoors or out. Since summer is winding down, we’ve been trying to play more outdoor games and that’s what inspired this DIY cactus ring toss game.

DIY Cactus Ring Toss Game

The cactus trend is still going strong and I thought making a cactus ring toss game just screamed summer–so viola! It was really easy to make.  We were playing within 30 minutes of putting it together (it’s triple digits with a dry heat so the spray paint basically instantly dried). We put ours in a pot so you can technically play this indoors or out (or even take it to the park for a picnic).  (more…)

Sip Sip Rosé :: Free Printable

Hip, Hip, Hooray! Or should I say Sip Sip Rosé?! It’s Friday and that means it’s time for a big exhale. It’s been a looooooong week over here. We’re trying to jump back into work and school starting after some time off. Also, our pup is also pretty sick after having and emergency surgery (think Marley and Me situation) so we’re trying to get him back to his normal self). How come getting back into the groove after vacation is just so painful?
Looking for a cute printable to add to your bar cart? Grab this "Sip Sip Rosé" free printable and grab a glass girlfriend.

This weekend will be full of photoshoots and some special projects but I’m definitely going to make time to sip a glass of rosé and take a breather. How about you? Grab your own “Sip Sip Rosé” sign below.

I’ve had a hard time finding a rosé I love at the local market. I would LOVE your suggestions! So far my favorite bottle has been this 2015 Sauvetage Rosé I found on ClubW (I might have ordered about 12 bottles this summer). But I’d love an option I can run to the market and grab on a Friday like today.

(PS if you want to check out ClubW wines, I highly recommend them. You can use my referral link).

So tell me … what’s your favorite go-to Rosé to sip? Friends share wine recommendations. It’s totally a thing, so dish.

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