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Serve It :: Mini Pumpkin Milkshakes

I am a self diagnosed canned pumpkin junkie.  This time of year I come up with all sorts of reasons to use it; cooking, baking, or otherwise. That is just how this mini pumpkin milkshake came to be. They are so creamy and they taste like your favorite milkshake just collided with a pumpkin pie. They’re rich, so making them in mini form seems to be the perfect choice. (Plus, everything is cuter in mini version, right?)

Make a mini pumpkin milkshake for yourself or a crowd. These are so simple to make and my favorite fall dessert! Add sprinkles for a fun touch.

Served up in mini glasses also make them adorable to offer to guests or little ones during your next gathering or special dinner. Tall shot glasses work perfectly for these mini milkshakes. You can also pick up disposable plastic shot glasses which are handy if you’re entertaining.


DIY Halloween Balloons

I’m pretty sure these simple Halloween balloons are my favorite decoration, ever!

Easy to Make Halloween Balloons make the perfect Halloween decorations

I love, love, love when things are cute but super simple (have you noticed?). With limited time for crafting but the passion for all-things-adorable… it’s really important that I choose projects I have to time to actually accomplish. Friends, it really can’t get easier than this!

Easy to Make Halloween Balloons

These Halloween balloons are so easy to make, the kids will love helping too! They can come up with unique faces for ghosts, pumpkins, and even silly monsters (purple and green balloons would be perfect for monster faces!).

You can make them for a Halloween party, or even to take to class. This would be a fun project to do with kids at school even. All you need are the balloons and a black sharpie. So easy!

If you’re having a Halloween party, let the kids create their own unique Halloween balloon as a party favor, or judge them in a contest!

How to make:

  • Blow up a balloon with helium and tie it with ribbon
  • Draw on your face using a black Sharpie
  • To make a bat balloon: Blow up a black balloon and tape on bat wings cut from black paper

If you’re into easy Halloween ideas, you might like these 4 simple Halloween treats and these easy DIY ghost candles, too. 

Halloween Candles

Monster Eye Lollipops

homemade lollipops I’ve never made hard candy before. To be honest, the idea of making any recipe that requires using a candy thermometer has scared me in the past. But, this Halloween I thought it was the perfect time to put my fears aside and give it a try. I’ve always wanted to make homemade lollipops so I decided to start there. After doing a bit of research, I discovered that the ingredients needed are super minimal. Like, two. TWO. That’s simple enough for me! The base of my lollipop recipe requires only two things; sugar and corn syrup. I added in food coloring and candy eyeballs (for the spook factor). I used Sugar In The Raw Organic White® which is unbleached and true to its natural color (like the original Sugar In The Raw®), but its finer crystals make it perfect for cooking and baking because it blends easily into any recipe. This was key for making our green lollipops!


DIY Ghost Candles for Halloween

DIY halloween decorations :: Ghost Candles

Looking for a cool, simple, inexpensive, Halloween idea? These DIY ghost candles are your ticket. DIY Halloween decorations cannot get easier than this. Really. I love something that takes me just minutes to make (well, in this case it’s seconds) and looks really unique.

DIY Ghost Candles

I picked up these tall white candles for 50 cents each at the dollar store. You can find these almost everywhere (even the grocery store). Then, I simply  drew different ghost faces on each candle with a black Sharpie. In about 10 seconds I had and the perfect DIY halloween decorations–ghosts! Sooooo simple! (and it only costs $3.00!)


Baby Love Story :: Book Themed Baby Shower Theme

This book themed baby shower is full of sweet details. I hope you enjoy them!

This book themed baby shower was full of sweet touches.
Baby showers are a special occasion. Baby shower honoring family? EXTRA special. Here’s a look at the book themed baby shower I hosted to help celebrate the arrival of a new baby niece; she’ll be here soon and we are over the moon about it!

The theme just sort of happened. The mom-to-be loves reading and knew she wanted to incorporate children’s books into the shower somehow. I know her personal style of romantic with a touch of vintage and just put it all together. Baby Love Story was born.


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