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Ever try to come up with something thoughtful to gift to that guys-guy you know? I’m talking thinking of something small to give to a friend, your neighbor, or brother. I feel like small thoughtful gifts for women are easy: wine, flowers, a candle and you’re good. Guys? A bit tougher.

Inspired by keeping things simple (and that fact that most guys really don’t care all that much about fuss), I decided to just wrap up a bottle of beer — in a brown lunch sac. No big deal and still thoughtful.

DIY gifts for guys All you need to do is grab a bottle of beer, a paper sac, a sharpie and some twine and you’ve got yourself about the easiest DIY gift for guys idea there is.

DIY gift for guys -- beer gift


This idea is perfect for Father’s Day, thank you gifts, just because — any time you need “a little something” to give him.

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