DIY Office Decor :: Mixed Metal Desk Accessories

DIY Office Decor

I was recently looking for the perfect canister to use on my office desk. I began searching around my house to see what I could re-purpose into some DIY office decor, when I had the idea to transform discarded soup cans into new chic decor. I started by gathering a set of three cans in a variety of sizes. I then removed the labels and washed the cans. Once dry, I masked off sections of the can using painters tape so that I could spray paint them to give them a trendy look.

Mixed Metal :: DIY Office Decor

Since mixed metals are in style, I decided to leave some of the silver can visible and paint stripes using gold and copper spray paint.

 DIY Office Decor :: Mixed Metal

I lightly sprayed on two coats of paint and once completely dry, carefully removed the tape.

Mixed Metal

These repurposed cans make the perfect vessels for pencils, paper clips and fresh cut flowers, while the mixed metal style adds a nice trendy flair to my desk.

 DIY Office Decor

What have you re-purposed lately? Share your ideas below.

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