One Thoughtful Idea! More Birthdays Campaign by ACS

When it comes to birthdays, my friend Julie from Free Birthday Treats knows her stuff. If you are looking for a birthday freebie, special discount, or a budget-friendly way to celebrate, Julie is your go-to gal. So when she shared the news of the More Birthdays Campaign recently launched by the American Cancer Society with me I was so thrilled! As you know I love to celebrate, and the more thoughtful the better. Naturally I was on board with this campaign.

I’ll let Julie tell you about it herself (she is the birthday guru you know) :)

Take it Julie!

Thank you! Well, I created because birthdays are a celebration of life and should not go past without some acknowledgement. In the weakening economy though, it’s tough spending money on celebrations. So I track down birthday freebies and discounts to help others continue to celebrate their special day.

To say the least, I’m very passionate about birthdays and this brings me to an email I received today from the American Cancer Society: Join the Movement for More Birthdays. I adore it! Declaring the American Cancer Society as the official sponsor of your birthday…awesome! It just launched today and will be an ongoing long-term campaign.

For me, this is a no brainer, but then I lost my dad to cancer over 16 years ago. Had he have been diagnosed sooner, he might still be with us today.

I joined the movement and would like to invite all of you to do so as well. Just visit to declare the American Cancer Society as the official sponsor of your birthday, join their Face Book group, send an e-card, download their More Birthdays Kit or start your own birthday page like I did:

I created this page in honor of my father, Joe Jameson. My goal is to raise $2,500 to help create a world with no cancer. Donations are welcome at: Thank you!

Thanks Julie for sharing! I predict this new ACS campaign is sure to take off- it’s such a thoughtful idea!

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  1. Amy S.
    April 22 at 5:26 am (9 years ago)

    Tori and Julie, can’t tell you how excited I am to read your post today! I work for the American Cancer Society and am so proud to be one of the makers of this campaign. I’m so glad it resonated with you and we are crossing our fingers that it will with others who have had the misfortune of being affected by this dreaded disease. Best of luck with your fundraising efforts and thanks so much for spreading the word about the movement for more birthdays!!!

  2. Greeting Card Printing
    April 27 at 6:38 pm (9 years ago)

    This is great! Birthdays really should be special as its a celebration of one’s coming into the world. Sadly, not everyone gets to celebrate their birthdays. I hope this campaign succeeds, good luck!

  3. Matthew R. Lee
    April 28 at 1:18 pm (9 years ago)

    Thank you Tori and Julie for spreading this important message to your readers! In the last seven days over 27,000 people have declared the American Cancer Society the official sponsor of their birthday. It will be interesting to watch these numbers grow and see the impact not only on the website but in the hearts and minds or those who realize, with new clarity, just how special it is to be well.

    As more Americans recognize the impact healthily habits and appropriate cancer screenings can have on their life, there will be more birthdays for everyone to celebrate. More memories will be made between generations who otherwise may have never met.

    Matthew R. Lee’s last blog post..“The Official Sponsor of Birthdays”

  4. Your Hostess
    April 28 at 1:40 pm (9 years ago)

    Amy and Matthew– thanks so much for your comments! We are proud to help ACS spread the word here on Thoughtfully Simple. This campaign is an amazing one that we gladly support. Congrats on the 27,000 new people– that is amazing!


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