Spice It Up!

If your spice cabinet looks anything like mine, it is a black hole of little jars with little organization. Despite my organizing efforts, my spice cabinet never seems to stay tidy– and of course the chaos eventually got the best of me. Because rather than using what I had already, I was in the habit of purchasing whatever spice I needed for a particular recipe. The outcome, unneeded purchases at the grocery store and more clutter to the spice cabinet.

So, as I realized there was no need to have 4 jars of “ground cumin” on hand, I began to get organized. My tip for today is to spice up your spice cabinet!

What I did: I set aside a few minutes and took inventory of everything actually in the spice cabinet. Write down each spice (making sure to note the amount of each you have on hand). Then, simply type up your list and tape to the inside of the spice cabinet door.

Next time you are making out your shopping list you will simply have to open up the cabinet and check to see if you already have “dried mustard,” preventing any unnecessary strolls down the spice aisle.

Also try purchasing spice racks and shelves to keep everything visible! These are from The Container Store and are under $10.00

What are your spice-organizing-ideas?

2 Comments on Spice It Up!

  1. Gabriella
    November 18 at 10:43 pm (9 years ago)

    Make sure to check the exp.date!-If it’s to old toss it .Only use fresh spices,old ones just do not have the flavor …

  2. Steva Spottswood
    November 25 at 10:53 am (9 years ago)

    Yes my spice jars are crying out for these.


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