Make It :: Football Popcorn Bags

Looking for a cute way to serve up snacks during the Super Bowl? It can’t get easier (or cheaper) than using old-school paper lunch bags! All you need to do is grab a paint brush and some white paint and in 60 seconds you can transform the ordinary bags into cute football treat bags!

snacks for your football party or superbowl party

Fill them with popcorn, chips, peanuts, trail mix, or pretzels.  Your snack just got an upgrade!  (more…)

Make It :: Football Mason Jars

Add a little football flair to your Super Bowl with this simple DIY. These football mason jars are easy enough the kiddos can make them (which sounds like a touch down to me!). All you need are mason jars and white tape.

Football party ideas :: football mason jars for your Super Bowl party

The trick is to fill your mason jars with a dark brown beverage. This could be any dark soda or root beer. Also, iced tea works well. Or, if you want to make these for the grown ups, try a dark beer.  (more…)

Make It :: Personalized Cake Topper

I love to celebrate with desserts. I mean, who doesn’t love a little sweet treat to mark a special occasion? Maybe it’s a birthday, a great accomplishment, or a “just because” moment, this DIY cake topper will make anyone feel extra special. Bonus: it is super simple to make!


I love how creative you can get. You can spell anything! Or use, the numbers to mark a birthday or anniversary. (more…)

Herb + Sea Salt Sweet Potato Fries

This post is sponsored by Alexia Foods. All opinions are my own.

With the New Year often comes new resolutions to eat a more balanced diet. Sound familiar? I think I resolve to eat better every January, but often dread the idea of ditching delicious, flavorful snacks. The good news is, delicious snacks can fit into a balanced meal plan (as in this recipe!).

baked sweet potato fries

These herb and sea salt sweet potato fries are packed with a sweet, herby, salty, punch and I’m willing to bet that they just might be your new favorite snack. The nice bonus, is that they are also really simple to make. Win-win. Alexia Sweet Potato Fries are all-natural and made with premium ingredients. I jazzed them up a bit but they are also perfect right out of the oven. (more…)

The Perfect Weekend Breakfast Tacos

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

Confession: I’m a sucker for a great breakfast or brunch recipe. There’s just something exciting about a dish you can eat in the morning that is unusual and delicious (no offense pancakes). These breakfast tacos are the perfect recipe if you’re looking to spice up your weekend morning routine.

Breakfast Tacos

This time of year is more like “hibernation season” around this household. Our idea of a great weekend is starting off with a delicious meal and enjoying a family-themed movie marathon. I recently made a platter of these breakfast tacos and they were a huge hit! (more…)

4 Steps To A Smart Social Strategy (Don’t Skip #3!)

So you want to have a huge Instagram following? You want 500,000 “likes” to your Facebook page? But do you know . . . WHY?

This may seem like a simple question, but you’d be surprised how many people have a hard time articulating it. You might be struggling yourself (that’s okay, we’ll work through it). The reason this simple question can trip us up is because often, we’ve jumped on a social platform gung-ho without ever taking the time to first map out how it relates to our business goals and often haven’t mapped out a clear strategy.


Sure, 10,000 followers on Instagram would be cool, but what will that do for your business? How will you make sure they are the RIGHT followers? At the end of the day, a social platform is only important if you’re attracting the type of follower that will create an engaged community around your brand, blog, or business and help it be successful. Right?

But that won’t happen unless you start by defining those successes, mapping out clear goals, and putting together a strategy to test and measure.

The case for getting focused on a specific social channel? Results are powerful. Click To Tweet

So, before you make statements like “I’m going to focus on Instagram” or “This is the year of Facebook,” take a moment to put your business-owner hat on and really think through your why. 

I’ve been there. But last year I decided to stop “doing it all” on Instagram and really get focused. As the Director of Content and Community, I spent all of 2015 working on specific goals I had outlined for @TheGrommet‘s Instagram account and we’ve seen big success (like 375% increase in followers, 3,000% increase in traffic from Instagram, and a really engaged community who spends nearly 16 minutes on site). The point being, a little focus can get you real results. (more…)

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