Make It :: Colorful Treat Wrappers

Simple DIY Treat Wrappers

I love the idea of creating little thoughtful surprises to brighten up the everyday. These little tissue wrappers add a bright pop of color and playfulness to any small treat you can wrap up. And, you have all the supplies needed to make these now, I guarantee it.


Go ahead and call me an expert

Last week I decided to offer more content on marketing your creative business. Many of you are already signing up to this list to get free, simple marketing tips from me (and I’m so glad you are). But here’s a secret, I don’t know it all. I’m likely not an expert in your specific industry. Things I am not? Oh that list would be a mile long.

I’m not an Etsy seller. I am not a photographer. I’m not a wedding planner. I don’t bake cakes. I could go on…

But that’s okay and I’m going to tell you why.


Serve it :: Cantaloupe, Prosciutto, Basil + Mozzarella Salad

Cantaloupe, Prosciutto, Basil and Mozzarella Salad
Remember those cantaloupe + prosciutto appetizers I shared a couple of weeks ago? Well, I had some ingredients left over and sort of made this salad by accident. It’s full of flavor, really fresh, and so unique that it feels like a treat. Make it for yourself, or increase the ingredient portions and make a batch for a crowd. I think you’ll impress your guests for sure!


The Simplest Easter Treats Ever

This post is sponsored Philadelphia Cream Cheese.

Easter is a couple of weeks away and we have a tradition of putting on a big Eggstravaganza at a local park. Big crowd, lots of kids, games, egg hunt … and, of course, treats! Oh, the treats.

This year I was thinking of easy recipes for kids that were both easy to make (my daughter loves making Easter treats–check out her Easter candy bark from last year), and easy to eat while running around at the park.

And then it hit me –graham cracker and frosting sandwiches! When I was a kid, my mom used to make these when she had leftover frosting. They are the simplest things ever but just so yummy. No kid can resist (even the grown up kinds).


I started by making a batch of cream cheese frosting. The rich flavor of the Philadelphia Cream Cheese makes this simple dessert feel like a real treat. And since this is an Easter dessert, I chose three bright colors to mix in.

Once your frosting is made, all you have to do is spread it on one side of a graham cracker and then sandwich it with another. It is THAT simple.


Sprinkled Donuts with Cream Cheese Glaze


This post is sponsored Philadelphia Cream Cheese.

donut recipe

I just got my first donut pan. I know, where have I been, right? I couldn’t wait to test it out and as I began dreaming up all the different types of donut recipes I could make, I kept coming back to one of my favorites –sprinkled cake donuts.


3 Ways to Up Your Game :: Instagram Tips

Instagram tips
If you follow me on Instagram, you might have already spotted these almost-to-cute-to-eat cookies. I ordered them from them from an amazing baker (shout out to Lisa!) for a recent mini-instagram class I taught. Every good party, class, or otherwise organized event (in my opinion) needs something cute and sweet (am I alone on this?).

Well, I don’t have any cookies left to share (they were gone FAST), but I wanted to share a few tips with you here that I gave the group. I’ll share some of the big takeaways with you today. These tips are for anyone wanting to up your game a bit on Instagram and use it in a more purposeful way ––either for your own professional profile or for your business. I hope they inspire you to think about new creative and strategic ways to use Instagram!

3 Tips to Up Your Insta-Game


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