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In October I shared with you that I would be starting to publish more posts on business related topics in my At Work column. Now that we’ve learned what not to do from Martha Stewart when it comes to social media, how about a few how-to tips that you can put to use today? Whether you are just jumping in on social, or are a seasoned user — I hope these simple tips will help you get started or provide a little refocus.

 social media tips for bloggers

There’s a reason networking on social media is often compared to networking at a cocktail party – it’s about moving around the room, striking up interesting conversations and creating new relationships. And similar to the art of making the most of your cocktail party or networking event, there are key things to keep in mind when on engaging on social channels.

1. In moderation – Like a fine wine or stiff drink, social media is about the quality not the quantity. The same self control and mindset will work to your advantage when posting to any social channel. Curate the content you share and make sure there is spacing between your postings.

2. Work the room – You don’t attend a networking event and only talk to one person do you? While developing authentic relationships is important, be sure to cast a wide net and interact with a variety of people.

3. Leave a trail – At a cocktail party you’ll likely pass out several business cards and even leave your lipstick on a glass or two. On social it’s just as important to leave your mark. Post regularly (though spaced out) to your social channels, comment on blogs you find interesting, and send emails to people you have started a relationship with. You need to be present on social and just reading and stalking feeds won’t prove you’re there. Avoid being a wallflower. Forge the relationships and keep them watered.

Now, these are just a few simple things to keep in mind as you build and grow your network via social. Do you have any other tips that have worked for you? Please share in the comments — it’s all about learning and I LOVE to learn from you all as well. Please share!



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  1. Susan Noble
    February 21 at 1:16 pm (4 years ago)

    Being new to the party world and having a Non-Profit I found this so helpful I am not social media literate and often wonder am I posting too much so I like the idea of spacing when it comes to posts. Such great tips and advice to follow!

    • Tori
      February 21 at 2:32 pm (4 years ago)

      Susan, thank you for the feedback. I hope my tips help as you get your feet wet in social. Happy to connect!

  2. Jenny Raulli
    February 23 at 1:16 am (4 years ago)

    Great post Tori- Can’t wait to hear more from you on business.

    • Tori
      February 24 at 9:27 am (4 years ago)

      Thanks Jenny!

  3. Sophie Pierce
    February 24 at 9:53 am (4 years ago)

    What a great post, Tori!
    I also think the proper use of hashtags is extremely important. Here are three guidelines I usually try to follow:
    * You don’t want to add too many or too little to each post
    *You should make sure they are relevant to the topic you’re discussing, so search a hashtag before you use it.
    *You don’t want to make them too long

    Thanks again & I hope this helped you learn some more, too! :)

    • Tori
      February 24 at 10:05 am (4 years ago)

      Great tips Sophie! I agree, hashtags offer a great opportunity to reach more people/connect with like-minded users but should be used thoughtfully. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Monica
    April 21 at 3:46 pm (4 years ago)

    Great tips. I too am getting started in social media to market myself as a writer and party planner. So far I’ve been the wallflower. I’m just not quite sure what to post, but I’ve retweeted several tweets I found helpful or inspiring…does that count?

    • Monica
      April 21 at 3:48 pm (4 years ago)

      One more thing. I’d like to learn more about building my own blog. Any tips or suggestions for that? For instance, do I have to focus on one topic when blogging?


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