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7 Simple Ways to Get More Blog Readers … Without Writing More

Wait…. what?! Write fewer blog posts but get more readers? Yes, I did just say that.

Did you know there are over 300 million blog posts written in a year. AND by 2020 the amount of online content is said to increase by over 500%. The first thing I thought when I learned that was “wow, that’s a whole lot of stuff to read.”  Friends, there is a lot of noise out there and it’s only going to get louder.

Raise your hand if you can relate to this: You  spent an ton of time writing the perfect blog post … your photos are great, your title is off the hook, but CRICKETS. No one seems to be reading it. Sound familiar? Yep –been there too. The problem isn’t that you aren’t creating enough content, the problem is you need better distribution. Doesn’t it make more sense now? The answer to your question isn’t to write more blog posts. The solution is to make the content you already have work harder for you.

Produce less content but increase content distribution.


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3 Ways to Up Your Game :: Instagram Tips

Instagram tips
If you follow me on Instagram, you might have already spotted these almost-to-cute-to-eat cookies. I ordered them from them from an amazing baker (shout out to Lisa!) for a recent mini-instagram class I taught. Every good party, class, or otherwise organized event (in my opinion) needs something cute and sweet (am I alone on this?).

Well, I don’t have any cookies left to share (they were gone FAST), but I wanted to share a few tips with you here that I gave the group. I’ll share some of the big takeaways with you today. These tips are for anyone wanting to up your game a bit on Instagram and use it in a more purposeful way ––either for your own professional profile or for your business. I hope they inspire you to think about new creative and strategic ways to use Instagram!

3 Tips to Up Your Insta-Game


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Work It :: Practice Isn’t Overrated

Quote: Practice Makes Perfect

I spoke at a conference January 2014 as a tandem keynote speaker. I shared the stage and dual presented with someone really brilliant. And then, I bombed it. Like BOMBED. I was so nervous that it didn’t matter what great insights I had to share. My delivery of the content was all that the audience could focus on (and no, this wasn’t just in my mind because the post-conference survey respondents spoke loud and clear about it).


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DIY Just Died. Welcome to The Maker Movement

Makers Okay, maybe DIY isn’t dead but it definitely has grown up a bit. DIYers have been at it for over a decade — crafting and creating new things, making something out of nothing, reinventing old things into new. On the blogs we read this typically shows itself in ways of fabulous party garland, a new way to display your jewelry or a sophisticated typography print just waiting for you to download. In a parallel (yet equally thriving world), a culture of garage tinkers and hackspace inhabitants have been head-down making things too. New products that solve every day problems and innovating products that have existed for centuries, giving them an upgrade. They’ve been making things; just like DIYers have been.

Despite the clear similarities between the DIY and Tinkerer communities we have (until recently) been living in different realms. In fact, I would argue each group wouldn’t have wanted to identify with the other before — as they have historically seen themselves very different from each other; one side “craft” and the other “tech.” How many DIYers attended the Maker Faire in 2009? Likewise, how many garage tinkerers opened up an Etsy shop in 2009? Exactly. Not until the past few years have these world began to merge into what we are now calling the Maker Movement. But why now? Makers make things (more…)

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Social Media :: On the Rocks Please

TS-ofSoicla Media tips for bloggers

In October I shared with you that I would be starting to publish more posts on business related topics in my At Work column. Now that we’ve learned what not to do from Martha Stewart when it comes to social media, how about a few how-to tips that you can put to use today? Whether you are just jumping in on social, or are a seasoned user — I hope these simple tips will help you get started or provide a little refocus.


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We Have a New Look

Thoughtffully SimpleI’m popping the champagne this weekend to celebrate the new look of Thoughtfully Simple. I started this blog back in 2008 and never. once. updated the look. That sort of feels like wearing the same shade of lipstick for 5 years. It was clearly time for a little makeover.

The entire spirit of this blog is to keep things thoughtful and (why yes) simple. So I was determined to find a look and feel that rang true to my mission. You’ll notice a lot more white space which will allow our photos to pop off the page, a more neutral color pallet of black and gray but with some personality with a subtle pop of coral. Do you like it? Oh I hope so.

I’ve made a pinky promise to myself (which was totally awkward looking) to be present a lot more here. That means more posts, better posts, and more of me. Hope that’s a good thing friends.

I have great stuff in the pipeline for you — just is time for the holidays! Thank you for reading, pinning, commenting and being patient with my sometimes periods of silence. I’m back — let the glitter fly.

Be sure to sign up for our new newsletter here. More great things to come, don’t miss out!



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