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Impressive Desserts: Sweet Street Desserts

Warning: the following images may make you hungry, trigger cravings for sweets, and viewing may possibly result in drooling.

With that said, I have been dying to share with you a fabulous company that has answered the dreams of modern hostesses everywhere….. meet Sweet Street Desserts! Creating delectable and impressive desserts, Sweet Street Desserts offers fabulous desserts that will save you time and energy in the kitchen. With a click of your mouse, you can have elegant and impressive desserts shipped right to you. Then, simply thaw, plate, and serve! What?! Too Easy?! I know!

Sweet Street Desserts offer a great variety of gourmet cakes, pies, and individual desserts called “stacks.” I highly recommend the Summerberry Stack. I thawed these berrylicious desserts out the night before on a nice white platter and then took them over to a friend’s barbecue the next day. Yeah, they were impressed. Oh and they were gooood too.

Love chocolate? Yes, they have many fabulous chocolate desserts as well.

Want to add a luxurious touch to your own baked creations? Check out these 11 Pipeable creations …they all sound so delicious!

Hostess Tip: Stretch your Sweet Street Desserts and serve an entire party, just serve in shot glasses for dessert “bites.”

Now that you are craving all this sweetness, how about a chance to win your own dessert? Can you say “chocolate and peanut butter?” It’s heaven. I hope you win!

Don’t just take my word for it, taste these impressive desserts for yourself! Sweet Street Desserts is kindly giving one reader a Peanut Butter Stack {that’s $49.00 of free yummy goodness}!

Enter to Win! Ends 9-16-09 Contest Closed

Congrats to our Winner! Enjoy!

Simply leave a comment telling us who you would share you Sweet Street Dessert with. Would you serve it at a party? Surprise the family? Hide it and eat it all yourself? Come on, tell us!

For Extra Entries {Not required}:

-Share this giveaway in the social media realm: Twitter, Facebook, Stumble, Digg- wherever you wish, just leave a separate comment and link for each you do. Up to 4 entries allowed per person.

One person will be chosen using from all eligible comments. Winner will be announced no later than September 17th, 12:00 am PST. Winner will be notified by email.

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Ice Cream Party Theme

Who doesn’t love ice cream? What about an ice cream party theme? Even better I think! Check out these cool ideas to help decorate and pull off your next party- ice cream style!

1. Ice cream pinata $3.00

2. Scoop up the goods in style! Ice Cream Dish Set $2.07

3. Ice cream bubbles $1.59

4. Your favorite ice cream sundaes!

5. Ice cream cone straws $2.49

6. Perfect party favors! Ice cream lip gloss $1.99

Hostess Tip: If you still want to serve the traditional birthday cake at your ice cream themed party, check out these ice cream shaped cake pans! $15.99

Check out this Ice Cream Party and other Kid’s Party Themes.

For another sweet kid’s party idea, check out our candy themed party!

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Ideas for Hosting a Pet Party

Have you ever thought about throwing a birthday party for your pet? Pets have birthdays too right? I mean, what pet do you know that doesn’t enjoy a ton of attention? Consider celebrating their special day with a pet party!

Host your party at a local dog park or in your own yard. Ask friends and family to bring their pet over for the party. Send out treats in little envelopes for a fun invite- a hand written note is fine accompanied by say, a small dog bone for the invitee. Be sure to ask pet parents to bring a leash. Oh- and you might want to let your neighbors in on your plans- just in case your party gets a bit loud.

Make sure your party space has plenty of food and water for all the party guests. Also- consider preparing pet cupcakes so that each four legged friend can have a little birthday dessert! If you are in need of pet dessert recipes (that are safe to serve), check out Puppy Cake cake mix. And for ice cream, pick up some Frosty Paws (sold at most major grocery stores). I also like this recipe for homemade Peanut Butter and Banana Blondies for dogs. Your pet friends will be in for a treat!

You can even play pet games. If you are having a dog party try having each dog show of their best trick (for a treat of course). You can also play relays and get the pet parents involved which is always fun. For prizes or party favors, pick up some inexpensive pet treats and toys. Oh- and don’t forget the pictures. As thank you notes- send each pet friend’s owner a photo of them at the party!

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Easter Treats Like No Other!

My favorite princess of the baking world, Bakerella, has done it once again. I was so excited to see her that she is sharing some fabulous Easter Cake Pop creations! Words cannot even describe the pure cuteness so here are her masterpieces:

Bakerella’s Chick Pops are adorable! She also has a few other version of this edible birdie.

EGGstraordinary! These Easter Egg Pops are so clever!

Ooooh how I am loving these Bunny Cake Pops too! The only trouble is I cannot decide which ones are my favorite (I know problems right?)! So help me decide, which cake pops would you make for Easter? Please help or I will be one baking fool the night before our Easter party!

Be sure to check out Bakerella for all the instructions and many more fabulous ideas…be warned though- all of her creations are this cute!

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