5 Ways to Keep Your Party Guests Healthy

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Sally Strebel of BestPartyEver.com

Indulgence ensues at many parties but why not indulge in maintaining the healthier aspects of life. Sounds unexciting right? Well hold on, there are many ways to spruce up the healthy event and your guests will appreciate it. Listed below are 5 ways to keep your guests healthy.

1. Cater the Event
For large events hire a caterer that is licensed to handle food. Professional caterers understand the heating temperatures for preparation of large amounts of food and how germs spread. If undercooked foods are served, your guests and you are more likely to experience food borne illness. By hiring a licensed caterer you have greatly reduced the risk of food poisoning, maintained your guest’s health, and reduced your stress.

2. Eat Healthy
Instead of hamburgers and potato chips serve your guests grilled chicken and fruit salad. This exchange is more nutritious and adds sophistication. Also consider water and 100% juice instead of sodas. For dessert, angel food cake with strawberries and light cool whip make a healthy alternative to traditional cakes.

3. Asking Sick Guests to Stay Home
Asking sick guests to stay home is like telling someone they have bad breath. It’s awkward but it needs to be done. Hopefully your sick guest will call and tell you that they’ve decide not to attend the party on their own and then you’re off the hook. However, if you find out they are sick less than a day before the party, politely tell them this, “I heard that you weren’t feeling well. I know that you’d rather get better at your own house and not get anyone else sick but I really wanted to see you. Do you have a day next week, when you’re feeling better, that we could have lunch together?”

4. Physical Activities
Make exercise part of your party’s itinerary. Consider dancing, yoga, a walk, soft ball, or other physical activities for your party.

5. Continue the Health
Send guests home with healthy party favors. Ideas include personal hand sanitizer, sports bars, music CD with your favorite workout songs, individually packaged vitamin packs, smoothie recipes, or whatever else you find healthy.

Hope you found these tips helpful! Everyone has more fun when they are healthy!

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3 Comments on 5 Ways to Keep Your Party Guests Healthy

  1. Julie N
    May 15 at 3:50 pm (9 years ago)

    I’m not big on sending party favors home, but these are ideas are wonderful! I know that if I just send junk home it’s going to get thrown away, whereas if I send something similar to the ideas above, it would be useful! Thanks!

    Julie N’s last blog post..A First Birthday Rubber Ducky Party


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