6 Things your party guests want you to know

Tips for hosting a party from Tori Tait

I love to play hostess. Inviting people into my home and welcoming them with food and drink is my love language. But not everyone feels natural in that role–I totally get it. In fact, for many of you, the idea of all that planning, prepping, and entertaining might make you feel completely overwhelmed. Heck, that’s the reason I started this blog back in 2007! I want to share tips and inspiration that takes out the overwhelm and leaves you confident and excited to send out those invites or to cook up a special weeknight meal.

But, even I am guilty of the occasional overthinking, over planning, and overextending myself (just ask my husband and kids!). And I’ll admit I may have had my share of  “company is coming” freak-out moments. But despite the slip ups, overall, I like to keep things simple which translates into a less-stressed hostess and a more welcoming atmosphere for your guests.

So, as you start planning those inevitable holiday gatherings I urge you to try your best to keep things as simple as you can and take pressure off of yourself to “do it all” or make everything “prefect.”

Believe me, you’ll be a better hostess and your guests will have an even better time. In fact, here are a few things your guests wish you knew.


1. They are thankful you are hosting (and they don’t have to)

They didn’t have to make sure their toilets were clean, they had drink ice on hand, or have to be the ones cleaning up tonight’s mess, tomorrow. So basically you’re already their favorite person because you’re willing to host at your home.

2. They can’t tell if you baked the pie or if it came from the store

They won’t be able to tell one way or the other so make it easy on yourself and grab food at the market. Just take it out of the packaging and present it in a thoughtful way. (You know, like Sarah Jessica Parker did in I Don’t Know How She Does It.)

3. You didn’t need to buy 17 different types of booze, no really

Sometimes less is more. No need to spend a fortune on a huge variety of alcohol because you think someone might want it. Provide a few staples (Like beer, wine, vodka, and whiskey) and that will cover all the bases. Set out a couple mixers (a soda and a fruit juice) and call it good.

4. You look really stressed out

When you’re running around like a maniac your guests can tell. Don’t make guests feel like a burden or like their presence it making you stressed out. That’s no fun for anyone! Once your guests arrive allow yourself to enjoy their company. Serve them their first drink, and then point them in the direction of the bar for refills. Set out appetizers or desserts and let them know they can help themselves.

5. They really do want to help

Related to the above point, when a guest asks if there’s something they can help with it’s probably because you look like you could use some help. Feel free to delegate little things to those who ask. If it’s a task that can be done in 5 minutes, it’s fair game to ask a guests to assist.

6. They appreciate the time you put in to hosting

Even if it wasn’t over the top, or super unique, your guests will have appreciated everything you took the time to do. Opening your home to friends and family alone is a gesture people are grateful for. So, anything you did above that is just icing on the cake!

Do you think this will change how you approach your next event? As a party guests, what’s something you wish you could have told your host or hostess? 

Ready to plan your first fall gathering? Why not a simple Pie Party?

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2 Comments on 6 Things your party guests want you to know

  1. Clarissa
    September 18 at 10:58 pm (1 year ago)

    These are great reminders – especially the ‘less is more’ in the alcohol department – I always feel like I need to have anything and everything on hand to accommodate everyone lol

    -Clarissa @ The View From Here

    • Tori
      September 19 at 4:19 pm (1 year ago)

      And it typically ends up costing a ton, right?! Plus, you’ll have to store all of those bottles after the party!


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