Bourbon Spritzer Recipe + Game Day Essentials

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If you’re looking for a new cocktail that feels special but is simple to make, then this bourbon spritzer is for you my friend.

Bourbon spritzer recipe

This bourbon spritzer is just the ticket for your next football-watching Sunday. In our house, game day is an excuse to entertain and visit with friends and family while watching football. I’ll admit, I’m not that excited about the game itself … but I DO love any reason to gather with friends and enjoy some delicious drinks and snacks.

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Bourbon Spritzer Recipe


I like to put together new cocktails to pair with our snacks (aka typically pizza). Member’s Mark Take & Bake Pizzas are my go-to snack to serve a crowd. (I mean who doesn’t love a good pizza, right?) They’re all really tasty, but my favorite is the Member’s Mark 16” Take &Bake Sausage Pizza. Pick up a couple different types. I like to put them in the oven throughout the game so that there’s a steady flow of warm pizza. Visit your local Sam’s Club and pick up some tasty game day bites for yourself!

Bourbon Spritzer Recipe

This cocktail I served is something I’ve never made before but a recipe that’s definitely going to make a reappearance soon. It’s a bourbon spritzer made with Coca-Cola®. I loved that it was simple to make but really felt like something unique and special.

how to make a bourbon spritzer

First, you start by smashing a couple blackberries into the bottom of a glass. I just do this with the back of a spoon and it works great. If you have a fancy tool for this, go ahead and use that.

A simple bourbon spritzer

Next, add 1.5 ounces of your favorite Bourbon. I never really thought I liked bourbon until a recent trip to Kentucky. I had several bourbon cocktails there which inspired me to come up with one of my own. I love the idea of using a favorite staple like Coca-Cola®, but mixing in unexpected ingredients like blackberries and thyme.

Make a bourbon spritzer cocktail

After the bourbon, fill your glass with Coca-Cola®. Make sure it’s nice and chilled so you don’t have to use ice (you can use ice, but I prefer not to). You can also freeze a couple blackberries to toss in which will keep the drinks cold.

Easy bourbon spritzer

Last, add a thin lemon slice, a sprig of thyme, and another blackberry for garnish. The flavors all combine to make the most delicious bourbon spritzer.

How to make a bourbon spritzer

Serve up your freshly baked pizza alongside this cocktail and guests will be cheering for you alongside their favorite team! I like to make a drink station so guests can get their own refills. And pizza is always set out on a big platter for optimal grazing during the game.

What do you think? Will you try a bourbon spritzer during the next game day party you host?

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