Serve It :: Valentine’s Day Breakfast in Bed

breakfast in bed ideasThe fact that Valentine’s Day lands on a weekend this year makes it the perfect occasion to serve breakfast in bed. Whether it’s for that special someone or your kiddos, I think bringing in a beautiful spread like this will make anyone feel super loved. The great thing is, this might look really fancy but it is super, super simple to make. If you’re looking for thoughtful breakfast in bed ideas, this is for you.

breakfast in bed ideas


To Make: First, toast some thick bread. I used berry bread I found in the bakery department of my local grocery store, but you can choose any bread you like. Once toasted, spread a thin layer of cream cheese on the toast. Next, top the bread with sliced strawberries and whole raspberries. Lightly sprinkle a pinch of sugar on the berries to sweeten them up. Finally, top with chocolate chips for a special sweet treat and a few slivered almonds for a nice crunch. Serve to your valentine in bead or surprise them at the breakfast table.

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