Earth Day Find! Further Soap

How fitting that on today, Earth day, I came across this very fab {& thoughtful} find. Check out Further hand soap you will be amazed at this product and it’s story.

This eco-friendly {and fresh scented} hand soap was made by a husband & wife team who know a thing or two about being eco-friendly. Marshall (who was green before green was the new black) and Megan (a former event planner for Vogue), make this soap from recycled grease they pick up from local restaurants. They also happen to fuel both of their family cars with their grease-converted-into-bio-fuel mixtures. Now THAT is green! You can read more of their awesome story here.

Also- for TODAY only:

In Celebration of Earth Day, buy one bottle of FURTHER and get one FREE! Plus free Shipping! Sale ends at 11:59 PM PST on Wednesday April 22 so order now. Shop Now!

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  1. P
    May 13 at 1:24 pm (9 years ago)

    Back to the reusable bag thing…I found this amazing concept called Rumplesacs! Woa….so innovative and oh so cool!
    I use mine for shopping, a tablecloth for when I’m at the park, even my dog likes to snuggle up in one.
    I’m thinking about getting another one just to keep in the car as an additional bag for last minute shopping!!

    The thing I love about this company is that they are local and totally support the community!

    Right on!!


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