Wizard of Oz Birthday Party

Does your little Dorthy love the Wizard of Oz? Why not think about planning a Wizard of Oz birthday party for her? Here are a few ideas I think she would love. With a little planning, she’ll definitely be calling you the Good Witch of the North!

I like this rainbow invitation. Of course, you can also include your actual address- however I still like the idea of including the text: “somewhere over the rainbow” and “just follow the yellow brick road.”

Speaking of the yellow brick road, you can paint a path leading to your door using sidewalk safe paint, or a make a yellow aisle runner using felt fabric from your local fabric shop. If you don’t have a path this would work on, you can plant yellow flowers in oblong flower boxes to line your walkway.

For other decor (or just for some fun) set out this themed game: The Wizard of Oz Yellow Brick Road Game. This can even be set out as entertainment if parents will be in attendance.

Perhaps my favorite idea, is to have each girl remove their shoes at the front door and slip on a pair of adorable ruby red slippers. These can double as party favors, as each girl can wear them home and continue her play once the party has ended.

These wicked witch cupcakes are perfect for a Wizard of Oz party! Serve them with these black and white striped napkins and ruby red paper goods for a complete look.

Need more dessert ideas? How about “somewhere over the rainbow jello?” Or these “wicked witch hat cookies?” For drinks, display a rainbow of Jones Sodas, and let each child choose their favorite.

Hope you have some inspiration for your party, have fun in Oz!

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14 Comments on Wizard of Oz Birthday Party

  1. meredith SInclair
    February 19 at 6:32 pm (8 years ago)

    LOVE LOVE LOVE those upside down cupcakes with the witchey’s legs hanging out!
    Well done, wish I was turning 3:)

  2. Shane
    February 19 at 8:12 pm (8 years ago)

    Tori – Love it! The witch cupcakes are so freaking cute. My daughter is turning 6 March 5th and we are doing this theme, as you know. I went to the fabric store and got blue/white gingham to use as tabletoppers (saved a few bucks off renting linens). The kids are each getting a Melissa and Doug magic wand set so they can decorate Glinda’s wand. My big surprise to her is that one of our community theaters has a performance next month of the Wizard of Oz so Dorothy, the Tin Man, Scarecrow and Lion are making a surprise cameo and coming for a few minutes to sing a medley. The invite read like this:

    Follow the Yellow Brick Road
    Jenna’s 6th Birthday Party

    Please join us on the date of the next
    scheduled tornado over Kansas
    (Saturday, March 6th),

    at the exact time the Tin Man receives his heart,
    the Scarecrow his brain and the Lion his courage
    (1:30 – 3 pm).

    The celebration will take place somewhere over the rainbow
    (location listed here).

    Please RSVP on your munchkin’s behalf to
    Glinda the Good Witch (aka Shane) at
    before a house falls on you (by February 26th).

    So thanks for helping me get even more in the mood!

  3. Christi
    February 19 at 8:16 pm (8 years ago)

    This is such a great collection of ideas!!

  4. Hostess Tori
    February 20 at 9:26 am (8 years ago)

    Shane, thank you for sharing all of your fabulous party details with us! Your little one is in for a real treat! I love the wordage on your invitation too!! Sounds like you have thought of everything :).

  5. Alexis
    February 20 at 12:01 pm (8 years ago)

    What great ideas! We just saw the musical Wicked and my daughter is obsessed with it…this might be the perfect theme for her birthday. Love those cupcakes!

  6. Lori
    February 21 at 9:58 pm (8 years ago)

    Those cupcakes are the best! This is such a great party theme.

  7. meaghan (chic cookies)
    March 9 at 3:23 pm (8 years ago)

    I’ll echo the cupcake/wicked witch legs praise! So fantastic. I posted a link on my edible crafts column (ediblecrafts.craftgossip.com)

  8. Kathleen
    March 9 at 6:54 pm (8 years ago)

    So creative! Saw this on craftgossip and and just had to check it out!

  9. Connie
    March 10 at 7:06 pm (8 years ago)

    Wow, the cupcake is just to fun, I love it.

  10. Michelle
    March 20 at 2:59 pm (8 years ago)

    So incredibly clever! I just love those cupcakes!

  11. Karen
    January 8 at 9:37 pm (7 years ago)

    Thanks for the shout out! It’s funny to see the rainbow jello picture after all of these years. I have to say, I love this post. It’s super fun and clever. Well done.

  12. Angela
    June 11 at 5:40 pm (6 years ago)

    My mom held at Wizard of Oz party when I was little. We had “melted witches punch” – lemon lime ambrosia. She created a witches hat that floated in the punch bowl.

    For the cake she mixed jello/food coloring into each layer (4 layers) with white frosting and black swirls. It was black and white on the outside until you cut the cake and it was full of colors.

    We watched the movie too. Every time we saw Glenda we blew bubbles. We danced around in a group as we were “off to see the wizard”, etc.

    One game we played was seeing which team could stuff Scarecrow back together. We just used paper bags, my dad’s flannel shirts and old pants.

    This party happend over 15 years ago (for my 9th) and some of my friends still talk about it! I enjoy and appreciated how much effort my mom put into making the party memorable.


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